Email Sequence 2

Email sequence 2 is a 7 day email series that can be added to your auto responder that will continue on from your initial 15 day email sequence.

In this batch of emails we continue to subtly sell the 10k Challenge and 90 Minute Residuals however we also include a couple of conversational and educational emails as well to help you build ‘Know, Like and Trust’ with your subscriber list.

This week worth of emails also has a strong focus on offering your subscribers a free gift which is Tony Sheppard’s eBook “How A Stay At Home Dad Earns Six Figures A Year By Sending Just One Email A Day“.

This is a great offering for our subscribers because it is completely free and it has genuinely useful information for anyone in the make money online niche.

It is also a great offering for you to give away as it allows you to give it away for free, and even better it allows you to earn commissions on anything and everything that your subscriber might buy from Tony at any time into the future.

No cost to you, of benefit to your subscriber and the potential for ongoing residual commission through the efforts of Tony!

To get the rights to give this away and earn commissions (with no cost to yourself), you will need to download the eBook yourself by clicking this link.

Once you have downloaded the eBook, you will receive an email offering you to give it away yourself. From there you simply need to register to Tony’s free affiliate program, link your paypal account (so he can pay you) and grab your affiliate link and replace the link in your email sequence with your own.